Baffled Bags

FIBC baffled bags are used to contain raw material that is of a light consistency. The baffle (100% polypropylene woven fabric) is sewn into the four corners to keep the bag square while allowing it to maintain the same safe working load in the bag. The polypropylene woven fabric baffle includes square and oval dye cuts to limit material flow throughout the bag.

The baffles are sewn into a four-panel bag diagonally in each corner, which allows the material to flow through into the corners while maintaining the bag’s integrity. This keeps the bag upright and in perfect square form. They are truly versatile packing and storing solutions. The baffle panels have efficient openings (ports) along the vertical length of the baffle panels. The openings (ports) can be made either round, oval, square, diamond and triangular in shape.

Baffled Bags offer highly convenient packing and storage solutions. These maintain the best square appearance and can be made in almost any size, on demand, apart from the numerous standard sizes that are available generally. These are able to allow 25% more storage space as compared to standard FIBC. Cone bottom can be designed into the bag easily, according to requirement. The versatile bags offer higher efficiency in shipping and container storage.

Baffled Bags are most useful for storing low density products mainly. These are able to maintain the cube shape better and become ideal for storing powder, flake and other sifted products. Baffled Bags are designed and developed using the latest in packing equipment. The higher quality of the material used for making the bag is ensured for better service.